Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Tradition

Since the kids are growing up, our activities in December have always been a TRADITION.

The boys were playing quietly in their room
then they went to the family room
with this outfit.
They started singing "Santa Claus is coming to town"
and they call themselves TMSB
"The M Singing Boys"

This is my favorite Christmas decoration this year
when we went to the Christmas Lights.
We rolled down our windows and the boys
sang Christmas Songs to the peeps

Christmas Breakfast at Church.
We had a blast!

The boys donated 2 boxes of toys and books
and threw away 2 garbage bags of old toys and books.

L to R

My friends and I wanted to go to Riva in Santa Monica
but Riva closed and now it is Fraiche.
We has a blast eating,laughing and talking.
We enjoyed every single bite of the desserts as well.
Sharon shared us the great news, she is having
another baby girl in April.
Congratulations to the Hot Mamas to be again
Jinky and Sharon

The Rehab Dept. had our Christmas Party and
had our traditional white elephant.
I ended up with a white vase
Thanks to Maria for being a great hostess! :))

The boys love Science Projects
during the last week of School
they had a chance to
work on a Science Project
about Magnetism

They enjoyed making crafts,
exchanging presents

and making yummy treats in their classes

My SIL-Denise
added another title (RN) next to her Respiratory Therapist
when she graduated with Academic Excellence in
Nursing School. She awaits her NCLEX exam.
Yay, Congratulations!

Oh, it was soooo fun!
J.T and I went to the beach on Sat.
it was 78 deg. (a week before Christmas)
While Jake wearing his snow boots went shopping for J.T
with his Dad.

Beach Bum!

What a fun Week!
Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

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