Monday, February 23, 2009

Hellloooooo 80's

My computer is acting so weird. I posted this last friday and now I could not find it. Argh!! OK, I will try to remember what I wrote down.

As MB NY Fashion Week wrapped up tonight ( friday night Feb 20) and after seeing videos and pictures for Fall 2009. The designers showed exuberant colors and they won't let you forget the 80's


oh and they are leather leggings

Shoulder Pads

Acid Wash

Neon Colors
Oh and the Hair
Peg rolled Jeans


I must admit that I was planning on wearing 80's look last Halloween
that we saw more of 80's look at the NY Fashion week.
I will totally sporting an 80's look this fall.

In Case you forgot how to peg roll
your jeans watch here

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