Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Early June Gloom

Oh I do not even know where to start. June Gloom came early last week and we did not expect it. But it did not stop us from having a fun weekend. The boys had a Yard Sale . It was very hard for me to let go of the boys' books, toys, bikes etc..etc.. Paul was brave enough to help the boys sell some of their old stuff.

The boys were prepared and organized
posted prizes on the items/toys

and put stickers
on some of the toys and books.

Paul teaching J.T to write down
the items that were bought.
No fanny pack (sp) here but Paul
sported a "neck pack" hahaha.

at 7:15 the boys came inside the house and
told me that they sold $20.00 !
They had a great time and earned $100.00
Thanks Lolo and Lola for matching it =)

"Obey Gravity, it's THE LAW"

On Sunday, Jake had a bad fall from the stage at Church. He lost his balance and hit the floor facing down. We all panicked. WHO WOULDN'T!!!We were at Urgent care when Jake vomited and the Doctor called 911 and paramedics came. His CT scan was negative and Jake and I stayed overnight at Harbor UCLA (wonderful trauma center. The Nurses and Doctors were awesome. I did not sleep at all, yeah I dozed off but when Jake's monitor would beep I panic. We stayed over night and we're still observing Jake it was a very Traumatizing experience for him and for me to witness the fall.

Other than this Gloomy week in May and June
the fam is doing great and
we cannot wait for SUMMER!


Tara said...

SOOO happy to hear that Jacob is well. We were definitely saying lots and lots of prayers for him! Good job on the garage sale!

Joanne said...

T - thanks for all the prayers and support. Thanks for being a great friend =). We love you guys!

Jennifer said...

Oh that's scary. I am glad he is ok and that you are too. As mom's I think we WORRY ourselves sick sometimes. You all seem to be doing great. So when are we going to get together again?

Joanne said...

Jenn - Thanks. June is hectic. What about July? I'll ask Suzi and Bonnie.

Jilleen said...

I'm glad he's okay!

Joanne said...

Jilleen - Thanks