Sunday, June 28, 2009

Heat is On!

First Week of Summer

Happy Father's Day

Best POP Ever

We had a fun Father's day weekend
last week. On saturday
we enjoyed a nice breakfast at Paul's
favorite restaurant.

Again the boys gave their DD
the "BEST POP"
Personalized Jones Soda Pop

Paul smoked some yummy
pulled pork.
It was the best pulled pork ever!


Monday was first day at Summer Camp
and Jake was so excited since this is his 1st yr at Summer Camp
and they were both excited
to be together.
They already went on a field trip on Tuesday
it was my first time not to go
with them on a field trip.

Friends and Dinner

Cach and her family came to CA and we met them on Wed. at Jerry's Deli in Marina Del Rey.
It was the first time I've met her 2 boys. It was Cach's first time to meet all the kids.
(mine, Hedda's and Jinky's)
We all had a great time.
Im glad they did not kick us out
cuz we were all LOUD!


Sunny, Me with Flat Annie, CJ ( the D.I.) and Luisa
Thanks Alyssa for taking this picture.

On Tuesday, I finally went with Luisa and went Hip Hop Dancing.
Yup, it's been YEAAARRRRRRSSSS!!!!!!
Alyssa and Sunny came and we had a fun time.
Before we even started the D.I said "Welcome to the Advanced Hip Hop class"
He was great and very patient.


The boys had their End of School Year
"not so" Slumber Party on Friday.
They invited 7 of their friends.
silly faces

they played Wii, soccer, basketball
played video games on the computer.
They had yummy Pizza for dinner
some fun
Fear factor.
They had to eat these (9)
slimy worms, Worm a la MUD
They all said
NO, Thank you, Im still full
but when they saw it was Gummy Worms they
did not have any seconds thoughts.
I dipped it in oreos, chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, caramel,
sprinkled red, blue sugars
As they were finishing the
Fear Factor Game
Paul walked in the house
and told the boys that
he got some yummy desserts from
the garden.
Same thing the boys
said "oh, too much, we're full"
and they saw the dirt cups and grabbed one by one.
for movie night
they watched
"How to eat fried Worms"
had popcorn.
Nope, they were not full.
We laid blankets on the floor and
they watched and enjoyed the movie.
We all had a great time
yes we survived having 9 boys in our small house.
What a week to start

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Anonymous said...

so fun. enjoy summer