Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fun in the Sun

It was a P-E-R-F-E-C-T day at the Beach yesterday. After my morning run yesterday it was so humid. Around noon the weather got better, we had some breeze in our home and we hit the beach after lunch. It was 78-79 degrees and the water felt great. We had a blast!

The boys going to the beach and
they are not scared of the waves.

The waves were very big but that did not stop them
Again, we saw 2 dolphins
"Rapid Response"
Ocean Style
The waves got really bigger around 3-ish
all of a sudden we saw these lifeguards running
"ala Baywatch"
I called the boys to come out of the water
then we saw the lifeguard truck arrive.

Then the lifeguard boat showed up,
they were there for 5 mins.
Glad nobody was hurt.


Anonymous said...

love the beach!

Amber said...

Looks like a great beach day!

Jennifer said...

Why is the water kind of yellow?

The Cranes said...

I am SOOOO jealous!! How did I end up living this far from the ocean?? The picture of your boys by the waves is amazing!

Joanne said...

Amber - Thanks, it was really fun!

Joanne said...

Jenn - yeah, it was kind of weird, we didnt know, it was more of yellowish/greenish.

Joanne said...

Thanks, I took many pics just to get the right wave. I ended up getting soaked! LOL! glad the camera did not get wet. =)

Rich's ScrapBlog said...

These pictures turned out amazing! Your boys are SO adorable. I can't believe you guys have been married 10 years! I remember your wedding party. It was SO fun. I must have been 14. It was beautiful, and I remember thinking how I wanted a reception like yours!

Shell said...

I really need to take my kids on a vacation to the beach. They have never been.

Joanne said...

Kelli - Thank you so much, you are so sweet!

Joanne said...

Shelly - You guys are welcome to stay at our house. If you come to CA :))