Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rock and Roll

I went to Target after work today and checked out McQ's line. It has all the "Rock-and-roll influence". It has the details of Mesh, Studs and zippers.

Pink black one shoulder swimsuit

I like this

I tried this studded jacket, it didn't work for me

This one I like

Looks good on this TALL, Skinny Model
But I have hips..hips...hips...Did I say BUTT? Yeah that too.

I went to the purse section to check if Felix Rey arrived
to my surprise
There it is!!!
It said that Felix Rey will arrive on March 29th
Well, I guess every store is different.
read here

So, I went home empty handed and
decided to save my $$$
for Miss Trish of Capri coming on April 5th.
It totally matches the Felix Rey purses


Anonymous said...

I love those dresses. I love the purses better.

Joanne said...

The purses were awesome, wait for the Trish of Capri sandals.