Sunday, March 1, 2009

Summertime in February

Yesterday was Elisa's baptism and we were there to witness it. She is so cute and such a good baby. She did not Fuss at all. NOT EVEN ONCE!!! She slept right before the "Baptism" and She did not cry. What a very cute,good and calm baby she is. Karen and I were telling Sharon that Elisa will be late to class just like her Mom =).

It was a HOT Day yesterday and today.When I checked the weather yesterday it said 70's. Of course I did not change the City I was checking. When we left the party it was 88 deg. We were all wearing long sleeves and yes Suffer for Fashion.

They had a jumper and the boys were so Hot and Sweaty. They had an undershirt BUT because the undershirt was not nice we just removed the undershirt and folded the sleeves.Another lesson learned from experience =). Congratulations again Sharon, Anjo and Elisa.


Laura said...

I'm jealous! it just snowed here a couple of days ago, so it's really cold!!!

Joanne said...

Laura - I hear about it.My FIL and SIL - Barb are here and they are enjoying Sunny CA =)

Shelly said...

It finally reached 70 degrees here today. It was nice! I hope you are enjoying your time with the in-laws. Thanks for always wishing my kids a happy birthday. You are sweet!

Joanne said...

Shelly - You;re welcome and Yay for 70's =). yes I am enjoying it.When my FIL arrived, It just hit me how I've missed my MIL.