Thursday, June 19, 2008


We are so excited.
Today was also J.T's last day at school.
We cannot believe he just finished K.
Where did the time go?
I just remembered taking J.T to his
first day at school
Oh yes, I cried

And today, I left work at 11
and picked him up. I was so happy to be able to see
the last assembly day for this school year.
The principal and vice principal paid tribute to
the teachers who retired and that are not coming back :-(
Then they went back to their classrooms and
gave goodie bags to their classmates.
and Gift cards to teachers and teachers aides.
I also gave this to the room Moms
"Thank you for giving J.T a
HAND this school year"
The kids sang one last song
said goodbye to his friends,classmates
and teachers.
And yes I cried again
J.T got this from his teacher and
put all his homework, art, and
stuff in this box.

After school
J.T and I had a yummy lunch at
one of our fave Hawaiian Restaurants
Then we
picked up Jake and went to the Beach.
We went body surfing
and just ran around.
We had a blast!
It has been a wonderful 1st year
for J.T at the

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