Monday, August 11, 2008


Is it just me, who else is very tired? Well, blame it on the Olympics. I have been up late for the past 3 days since the Opening Ceremony. The boys enjoyed the Basketball game and Swimming. And I enjoy every single event. Haahaa. Yes even Boxing! Can't wait for Track and Field and Taekwondo.

Anyways, last week the boys pretended they were spiderman and enjoyed climbing up the door; they had a fun playdate with Trevor, went to the park, had ice cream and played basketball.

Kim set your TiVo,there will be a Soccer Match at 445am - Tuesday
USA-New Zealand on MSNBC

Ok, gotta go and see the next Olympic events!

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Luisa said...

LOVE your pink and black and white zebra print blog...I want to copy you!!!! (Except I'm not computer savvy enough to do it..I'm so lame:) Cute pics of your boys, and we have been watching the Olympics fun. I just realized that we haven't talked since leaving messages for each other about Dr. Laura--we've got to catch up on that!

I scrolled through your blog and saw Jeremy and Natalie's baby pics--he is adorable. And it made me think I remembered you had taken pictures of my Jacob when you came over after he was I clicked on the link for April, and sure enough, there was a post of my baby boy...I'd never seen it. I guess cuz I was out of the blogging loop for a while there after he was born...anyways, it was SO fun to see a newborn picture of him--I can't believe how fast they grow! Thanks for posting that.
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