Sunday, September 14, 2008


I have a total respect for Single Moms and Single Dads. Not that I never had respect for them in the first place but after Paul left for UT on Thursday. I knew what I was in it for. I've always had that "extra pair of hands". But for 4 days. I had to DO IT ALL by MYSELF. It was always easy for me to turn on the TV to help the boys get distracted and entertained while I finish cleaning up or do errands. However, since this Summer's "HIATUS" The boys got used to not watching TOO MUCH TV. I was also skeptical by sticking to our family routine. It proved me wrong. Definitely! So, for 4 days Paul was in UT to visit his family especially Mom who was diagnosed with Stomach CA this May.

I was MORE like a --> Crazy-busy-Mom. We went to Soccer practice, soccer game, went to Kumon, finished homework, read-a-thon before going to bed, went to a birthday party, Movie nights (Fri and Sat). Went to Barnes and Noble ( Jake said that BN is way better than the LIBRARY!) too funny. Picture day, watched the BYU-UCLA game on TV-->the boys were very eager to see their Daddy on TV. Cleaning and doing errands was not bad after all. The boys also helped me with cleaning and I did not have to tell them to pick their toys. WHEW!!

Jacob was so good during J.T's soccer game
and the boys had fun at one of their friends from Taekwondo
Birthday Party.

Paul hooked up with Jeff and watched
the BYU-UCLA game.

Yes, I survived. I know...I's only 4 days. And today
we picked up Paul and the 3 boys enjoyed a Daddy and sons time.


Anne Marie said...

Good job on surviving! I hear you, it is so hard without the "dad" around. My husband was in Alaska for 11 days and just returned last week. Those were 11 loooooong days!!! I don't know how single parents do it, seriously.

Joanne said...

Anne Marie - WOW, Good jon on surviving there!

Julie said...

Joanne: Quite a feat!


Tara said...

I absolutely hate it when Mark goes out of town! I'm glad Paul is back!

Danielle said...

oh gosh i cant even imagine!!
but.. you did it!! :)
it was great seeing paul.
i cant wait to see you again!!
ej danielle and emery