Sunday, September 7, 2008

What the?

I text message my friends to Tivo the MTV VMA awards tonight. Not to hear the music (oh no) but to see the presenters. And you got that right, I was waiting for the "twilight stars" Robert Pattinson (Edward), Kristen Stewart(Bella),Cam Gigandet (James),Taylor Lautner (Jacob). The intro was so short. They all said their lines, however when it was Robert Patttinson's turn to say his line, Russell Brand (host) cut him off. I was so irritated. The "twilight" cast was treated poorly. Here's the video from youtube, in case you've missed it. BTW, I noticed Bella is obviously Team Jacob. Hmmmm. ON the other hand, they all look great.

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Krista and Eric said...

Yeah we moved back to Utah in July so my husband could pursue a business opportunity. I am not sure about the changes at L&B what's new? It is so fun to check your blog and see how big your boys are getting! hope you all are doing good!