Sunday, July 29, 2007

7 Continents

During breakfast today, JT was telling us that someday he wants to go to South America, Europe, Australia,Africa,Antarctica. He said he's been to North America and Asia. He said he wants to travel to all the "7 Continents". Jacob on the other hand said he wants to do the same thing to visit the 7 Continents. Legoland, Seaworld,California Adventure,Disneyland,San Diego Zoo, Oh yea Universal tooand Magic Mountain and all the Aquariums. It was soo cute and funny he was soo serious telling us about this.

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karenzurc said...

How smart are these kids?? Mana ata sa yo Joans!! Kala ko ang 7 continents ay Marikina, Kuli-kuli, Binondo, Masbate, Kalookan, Pandi at Maycauayan, Bulacan.