Sunday, August 26, 2007

What a Weekend

It was a very crazy weekend at our house. Yesterday, my friend Suzi and I drove to San Diego to attend a wedding at the San Diego Temple. It was sooo wonderful of course and the Bride and Groom looked so amazingly in love and He just adores her so much. The wedding was at 10am.

From San Diego we drove up to Aliso Viejo to visit Jenn and her new baby Claire. It was sooo nice to see her and the baby. Look at Claire, she's smiling
Suzi---Jenn---Baby Claire (smiling) ---Joans

Meanwhile, Paul and the boys went to the airport to pick up our good friends Jake, Melissa and their kids. And then Paul and the boys went to AYSO Soccer clinic.

Then we drove back to South Bay for the reception. It was really nice, and beautiful. The decoration and flowers. We had a great time.

David and Bonnie

Here's Emily the Florist. She's sooo nice and a wonderful person. And also the amazing sister of the Bride Michelle.

The Dance floor and the Cake gazebo


the Buffet Table

I made this amazing Centerpiece, of course with the help of Emily. Thanks Emily

After the wedding, I went to Los Alamitos to meet my friends. Toots was in town visiting from San Francisco. It was sooo much fun! Last time we were all together was last yr for Hedda's Baby Shower here at our house.

WHEW!! What a day huh. I surely miss my kids .

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