Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day is ...

For sleeping IN =)

For running .

For some serious Bargain and Sales

And more shopping!
So fun.

For Paul and Jeremy to play tennis
For remembering the soldiers
and others and to visit the cemeteries and memorials.

For having friends and family over for
BBQ and FHE.
Tonight J.T gave us a lesson. And his lesson was a
tic-tac-toe game with questions about the gospel.
It was Boys VS Girls
Boys team: Paul, Jake, Jeremy and John my brother
Girls team: Joanne,Natalie,
Shauna and Alyssa came before the
first round ended.

JT asked questions and if we answered correctly we get to mark "X"and"O" the questions were simple:

  1. Who created the earth?
  2. What does CTR mean?
  3. Who was the prophet who built the ark to save the animals from the flood?
And we played 2 rounds

So the Girls won first round, then Boys won 2nd round.

For the treat and game we played the family's favorite called Thimble Game
we do not have a thimble but we used a medicine measuring cup instead. The "IT" will think of a category like "I am thinking of a fruit or color or vegetable" and the rest will name things but they have to avoid what the "IT" is thinking.
We all had fun and got wet, Natalie and Alyssa were lucky.
We'll get them back next time.

For talking about Lost and The Office.
We enjoyed watching this clip
Nana we need some serious help to translate what
they were talking about.

For cleaning up and going to bed early the Long weekend is OVER!!!

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