Sunday, May 11, 2008


What a busy weekend it was.
Friday: For Movie Night
we watched

Saturday was the kick off for
Mother's Day
I had to work on Saturday -->Bummer!
And the boys went shopping, cleaning and
Paul even changed the brake light himself.
He really is a great husband.
Then they went to the Fire dept Open house
and the boys got a chance to ride the Fire Trucks
and they got hats and badges.
By the time they left the boys said they wanted to be Firemen someday.

After work we headed to L.A
at The Grove
to meet up with my Brother and SIL.
We had dinner at The Maggiano's.
I could not get any reservations at the Ketchup
and other restaurants nearby it was very busy.
Anyways, we had a great time.
Jake missed the whole dinner , he woke up after dessert =)

When we got to the Grove
JT said " We have never been to this place for a long time, I wonder why?"
I just smiled and Paul said
"Well, there are 2 stores that Mommy really loves that
opened closer to home" (Anthropologie and Crate and Barell)
Anyway, the boys loved the Trolley ride
while Mommy went for some Retail Therapy =)

Loved the Trolley Ride

There were so many events that day
Mickey Stars store opened,
Jeanne and Tatum Co entertainment show
and this one
M.A.D.E in Canada - Aerial Acrobatic Show.

I really love going here at
The Grove and The Farmer's Market.
I hope to come back
May 13
for American Idol.
I will try to get the day off because I have to be there by 1230.
This would be my 3rd American Idol ticket that I cancelled.
I might call in sick =)

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