Friday, November 21, 2008


When I finished reading Book 4 in September, the next day I could not talk to anyone. None of my co-workers or friends ever read the series. I waited until 2pm and called Tara and told her everything! Because I was sooo CULLENIZED, I asked GG, Trish,Maria and Michelle---> my co-workers to read Twilight so I can talk to them while at work. I finally lend the book to GG and she loved it and the word just passed around. Of course we talk about work-related issues and talk about non-related issues during break. From 1 P.T and now it grew to 5 P.T's, Rehab Admin. and Pharmacist and a couple of RN's. We cannot get enough talking of The Series.

After we had a Staff Meeting on Tuesday the Rehab Manager joined our conversation and mentioned that his Girlfriend is reading it too. Anyways, I saw this online, and I just remembered that this is totally US when we see each other at work....Trish talked to me today and said "Oh BTW, I want to tell you something really quick about this patient...then ...(sound more enthused) "BTW, did you read about Edward and Bella".....H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S. Or Trish and I were talking at the nurse's station then Kristi walking up to us an noticed we were smiling and giggling and said " I know what you guys are talking about". LOL!!!
I would also talk to my friends and this is the Stats of our conversation.

I wonder how long will this feeling of being Cullenized will end?

When I got back to work from UT last month this is what I had on my computer.

Nancy received the Twilight series from Maria
for her Birthday on Nov.8

I gave her a Birthday Cake

Hmmmm....I wonder if Trish is keeping up with her productive at work and not just reading Twilight articles =)

Seriously, we take care of our patients and talk about patients, and we cannot wait til 12 noon strikes and go down in the office to do our documentation
and have our lunch breaks
and talk about this freakin addiction.

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