Friday, November 21, 2008


Nancy from work asked me if I am excited, I told her that I am so sick to my stomach and that my veins are ready to pop with excitement. It’s like preparing for a race. So if you have not seen the movie. SPOILER ALERT!!! I am not a Movie Critic like anyone else, but I just had to tell you how I felt about the movie. I kept my expectations very low, Paul told me to Keep my feet on the ground because the Book is always better than the Movie. And we all know that you cannot make a 500 page book into a 2 hour movie, seriously I could go for another hour. =)

Denise and I enjoyed the movie. We stood in line and were surprised how many twi-hards were there ALREADY!!!. It was cold but thanks to Starbucks HotCocoa and the theater manager that let us in early.

There were twi-hards who wore shirts. NO, I did not wear any of the Team Edward or Team Jacob shirts or Twilight Shirts.

One of Team Jacob's fan
this is by far the Best Originality
I have seen tonight.
The Front says "Imprint me Jacob"

I will have to leave that up to the Teens and Teens at heart =). Some fang-girls even had tattoos, click here. The fans screamed when we entered the theater, they screamed when the movie started like when TWILIGHT flashed on the screen.

To Break it down:
• Rob Pattinson was not the Edward in my head. I am sure you all would totally agree with that. I have watched videos and trailers and interviews many many times. Seen some pics, he is not near the Edward Cullen that I’ve envisioned. BUT, he did a good job in the movie, I really have to give him credit for that. It is very hard to play a non-HUMAN ROLE. What a superb job. “that Bony structure and wavy hair”. He has some pretty SHMEXY ( Smoking, Hot and Sexy ) moments in the movie “the crooked smile”. Yeah…. THAT! From The moment he entered the Cafeteria to the Hospital Scene and when he smiled and tried to listen to Mike Newton’s thoughts, Oh and many more! So, there were screams and cheers when Robert Pattinson enters the high school cafeteria. He had that sensitive but dangerous and Angst-driven look as Edward Cullen.
• Kristen Stewart ---she was beautiful as Bella, her acting at first was BLAH!! Lifeless. But I had to remember, that is Bella Swan. Then as the movie progressed she became more impressive. Very realistic. Her facial expression says everything and I enjoyed the “clumsiness here and there".
• The Human Friends – They were cast perfectly.
• They also picked Charlie really well. He was very believeable. He did a very awesome job too as Chief Charlie. He was very funny and just how I pictured him.
• Charlie’s house, Bella’s bedroom.
• The Cafeteria Scene--- and outright cackles and laughter erupted when Edward first appears...The Baseball and Ballet (Fight)Scene LOVED IT!!!!!
• Peter Facinelli as always very Hot, perfect Dr. Carlisle. Not a fan of the Blonde hair but acting was very believable. Elizabeth Reaser, both were lovely as the parent, but did not get much screen time.
• Jasper was Cute and he delivered being tortured “always in pain” and friendly. I loved the baseball scene. He is Left handed. I noticed it when he batted and stood on the R side of the umpire. Not that it matters but it’s just interesting. .
• Alice was brilliant, she had little screen time as she was one of my favorite characters in the book.
• Emmett met my expectations as the big brother teddy bear. I cannot wait to see him more on Books 3 and 4 where he had to exhibit his strength and danger.
• Rosalie…Rosalie…Rosalie…..She was probably the next hardest one to cast next to Edward. In the book she was described as very beautiful and gorgeous. I know it is hard to compare…Ok..ok…..I was pleased with her as Rosalie. The whole despise thing she had for Bella. I enjoyed it, she did a very fine job. I just did not like the blond hair for her. I’m sorry.
• What a cute Jacob. He did very well even though he had short parts in the movie. I enjoyed the “wolves decent”
• The Nomads..Uh-huh. James was so much fun and sexy. Victoria – really good and Laurent they were all very chilling to watch. I loved it when Laurent said “Please do not play with our food”
• The soundtrack was perfection. I did not like Rob Pattz’ song at first but then totally fell in love with the right parts of the movie. we all know any kind of book made to be a movie is not going to be perfect. Here are a few things I think would have made it better.
1. Because of the LOW BUDGET, the movie was developed too quickly they left out so many important things,
Because the book was so detailed. Fans want it to be detailed.
  • Rosalie's car in the book was a BMW and not a Mercedes.
• Carlisle's history with the Volturi, it would also be nice to see the Cullens abilities.
• Edward lending his jacket to Bella. That just shows he was very gentleman. And also her scent is totally stuck on his jacket. Did that make sense?
• Bella not saying "you dazzle me" or "I'm betting on Alice".
• Edward hates her….then he was gone….came back then totally “In love for her”.
• Whatever happened to the whole Edward and Bella courting, the waiting outside the class, the parking lot, it’s just too quick.
• The meadow – they should have Bella narrate about her feelings for Edward or their courtship???while there was music playing in the background
• Prom – Bella’s prom dress, why did Alice lend that, why did she wear Blue (it’s edward’s favorite color) That would have been more screen time for Alice too. =)
• It would have been nice to see the rest of the Cullens go to the Prom too. Like Alice’s and Rosalie’s dresses.

Having said all these things----I loved the movie, very entertaining. I JUST WANTED MORE!!! After the Baseball scene, I knew it will end soon., and I wanted for more. If you consider yourself a REAL TWI-FAN, or TWILIGHT-AHOLIC you will LOVE it despite the many BUT’s….just because it IS TWILIGHT..

I better end this post before Breaking Dawn arrives.I am so wired up, I need to sleep. I have to wake up in 2 hours and go to work.


Carrie said...

I like your review of the movie. I'm so glad they will be making more. :)

Joanne said...

Yes. I cannot wait.