Saturday, April 25, 2009


I love,love,love Weddings. And today we attended Liezl and Chris' Wedding at 10:30 am. Yes,you read that right, Formal Wedding at 1030 AM in Chino Hills. It was a very beautiful Filipino and Mexican tradition wedding.

JT and Jake outside the Church

Paul and my brother John
at the reception
During the hoers de oeuvres
they were both wishing they
brought their golf clubs.

At the reception
They served Filipino and Mexican Food. YUMMY!!!

There we boys zone and
girls zone tables.
They had activities,crafts
their name cards had a riddle and
if they know the riddle they get a

Money or Dollar Dance
is a Filipino and Mexican tradition.
I loved how they did the garter toss
They called out all the bachelors
and played limbo rock. And when they touch the garter
they're out.
The first one who actually touched
garter first Wins.

We left at 5-ish
We were so tuckered out
that we did not have dinner
and movie night. We just relaxed
read books and called it a night.
Congratulations again
Chris and Liezl.


Tara said...

Your boys look so handsome and you and Paul look pretty great too! Sounds like a fun time -- I love weddings too!

Joanne said...

Thanks Tara, It is always fun. I love weddings.

Julie said...

Your boys are soooo adorable! Love the suits!