Thursday, April 23, 2009

Open House

So it is almost end of the week and I am sooo tired. Tonight was Open House at JT's school. We love Open House, we get to see JT's class and his projects and talk to his teacher and parents too. This yr's theme is "Ocean Animals". He finished his diorama during spring break and tonight they decorated the classroom with the kids' dioramas and other projects.

We love JT's teacher she's really good.

I loved the way the class and his teacher decorated the classroom
it had some "sea weed" and clipped on some pics
of kid's projects that says "My fishy friend"
Here's JT's project and his desk.

Jake was in "Ocean land" and lovin it
JT's teacher put ocean animal
books and Jake just sat and read
and read and read while we looked around the class and talked to
other parents.

This is like the "reward"system his teacher does.
At the start of the day they all start off
at Good Day
and they move their clip up by listening, being good
and of course
they move their clips down
after 3 warnings of not listening to the teacher
and misbehaving.
I really liked it.

Most of the time JT is in Fantastic Day
He's really a good kid.
because his Mom is the Room Mom.
and there's too much pressure.

We also visited, JT's K teacher last yr.
and also one of
the 2nd Grade Classrooms.
It was a fun night.
We got home,the boys took a shower and
Jake practiced reading
He was pumped up and ready for K-round up next week.

Next week is K-round up,Teacher's Appreciation Week
Pact Meeting.
Bee-z Week!


Tara said...

I love open house too! So fun!

Pattie Garner said...

Love school, it must be the teacher inside me. I love looking at other classrooms and getting ideas for my own.

Joanne said...

It is so fun and I get to see the other classrooms

Joanne said...

Pattie-It is fun to get ideas.And yes love school!

Julie said...

Love it when we have a reason to be proud of our schools! How old are your boys?