Monday, November 5, 2007

FHE night

We had a very fun Family Night tonight. We went to see the Bee Movie. We like Seinfeld, and it just reminded us of the TV series Seinfeld. Except for this film is geared toward a kids audience. JT and Jake surely enjoyed the movie.

After the movie we went to our old Bishop's house and as a Service we gave him some thank you cupcakes for being a great Bishop. We heart Sprinkles cupcakes and Last night we made Sprinkles Lemon cupcakes. Yummy!!! She said she loved Pumpkin sprinkles cupcakes and told her to try Red velvet too. We missed the Bishop again tonight, luckily Becky was there and we had a nice talk for a few minutes and told her about our trip in Idaho. I also mentioned to her how Elder L. Tom Perry was there at Grandma Cranes funeral. I told her that Elder L. Tom Perry's wife is Paul's Aunt Eve's SIL. Then Becky said something like Her SIL is Elder L. Tom Perry's wife. She said she will talk to her sister and will get back with me. It was very interesting. We got home and the boys were ready to bed. Of course not us! It's DVR night so Paul and I will watched a couple of our favorite shows before going to bed.

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