Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas Party

We had our Work Christmas Party last night at C&O Cucina in Marina Del Rey. The whole fam came with me and it was so much fun. There were 2 long tables and I believe we were 30. We laughed, ate,cheered, had fun. We had a $3.00 exchange gift for all the staff and for the kids too. I got a coffee mug. And I gave an ornament and a chocolate from Trader Joe's. The boys got a race car and a sketch book. Our Rehab Dir. picked the names who will pick a present. When it was my turn I heard them chanting "Joanne get the wine's really good". It was funny. When it was Carl's (one of the P.T's) turn to pick a present everyone started yelling get "the the Victoria Secret bag" so he did and when he opened it it was a tooth paste and toothbrush. It was HILARIOUS. We were there til the end of the party and JT was so tuckered out with all the cheering and screaming, he fell asleep while sitting in his char.

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