Sunday, December 2, 2007

Cougar Mania

We woke up Saturday with some blue skies and sunshine and wind. And Saturday was the Football game between BYU and SDSU at 330 pm. We had time to watch some of the USC and UCLA before going to the BYU game.

Before the game we took a family picture at our hotel. After many takes this one was the best. Yeah, you could see Jake's tonsils

Every time we watch any Ball game (Football, Soccer or Basketball) Paul doesn't want to miss the team warm ups and for BYU football the HAKA.

BYU's QB- Max Hall talking to his teammates.

It's always fun to watch football, and enjoy the yummy stadium food, but can you say EXPENSIVE! .......

Being with family ......

The fans and most of all hooking up with friends at the game.

Jake, Melissa, Maggie and Joshua

Todd and Jenn with Anna, Madison and Claire.

Greg, Allison, William and Andrew

It has been a great year for the BYU COUGARS... 2 years of Undefeated in Conference ranked 17 in the BCS.

Go Cougars!!!

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