Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Update

We had a fun Christmas Eve last night. JT never, never, never....NEVER went to sleep til 11 pm last night. He stayed up to get a glimpse of Santa and the Reindeers. He finally slept and Paul and I started wrapping presents, set up air hockey table, wrote letters to the boys, fixed and decorated the dining table.

Christmas Day:

Merry Christmas everyone!! What a fun day today. I love Christmas!! The boys woke up today at 745 am we walked out the room from youngest to eldest. The boys went crazy. We opened presents one at a time. JT had too many questions such as: Wow, how did Santa get this presents from FAO?Toys r us? or KBtoys? Jacob's were: I saw this puppy and kitten in Las Vegas, Did Santa go to Vegas and pick it up too? We had a Yummy breakfast with my brother and SIL. We had eggs, pancakes, hot chocolate, sausage. We played air hockey and charades after breakfast, went for a walk around the nighborhood. At Dinner time we had the Mish for dinner and a family friend Col. Prime. We had yummy Filipino food: Pansit Bihon, Lumpia, Kaldereta, Chopsuey and Persian Chicken Kabobs. For dessert with Mississipi Mud pie and ice cream. We played Charades with them again, Guess Who Mormon game, Guess who, Mouse trap and Air Hockey. We all had a great time and the boys were all tuckered out when they left at 9-ish. I was so busy I never had a chance to take pictures during Dinner.

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