Monday, February 25, 2008

Family Night

It's the last Monday of the Month when we usually try to have some kind of a field trip for FHE. It could be a trip to a Museum, the Library, a ride on the bus, or a trip to a Nursing Home (which is next on our list), anything fun!!! However tonight was totally different. Since I worked this weekend and Paul stayed home with the boys he had a hard time when they went on a trip to IKEA. First the Kids CLub was FULL!!! So, just imagine they were so excited but by the time they got there and the lady told them "SORRY , we're CLOSED til another half hour" They were CRUSHED!!! Yeah the whining and there's the WHY's and When's and How long. Paul was frustrated as well, he had to end the trip short and go home.

So tonight for FHE we went on a field trip to IKEA...take 2. The Kids Club was empty we dropped them off and Paul and I went to do some "eye shopping" or "window shopping". After 20 mintues we heard a page calling Paul's name. We rushed down and we were thinking Jake had a bathroom accident or JT's nose is bleeding. Yeppers, it was JT, he has the most sensitive nose, JT and Jake were playing and they accidentally bumped into each other by the ball pit and JT's Nose started bleeding. He was so upset because we had to cut our trip short again. He was so Bummed. But this time NO WHINING, No WHY's, No When are we coming back, etc. They were really good. So for treat they picked frozen yogurt cones at the Cafe.

On our way home JT asked "Daddy what does PIMP mean?" We just looked at each other wondering where he had learned that new word from. So we asked him and he said "I saw it on the car by the parking lot". At least we know he's really learning to read!

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