Friday, February 8, 2008

It's friday!!!!

It was a nice day today at work not too busy and this is my student's 5th week one more week and she's done!! Great Job!!! After work Paul and I went to Kabuki in L.A and enjoyed yummy Sushi and Tempura. YUM YUM!!! It has been a long time since we had yummy Sushi.

Then we watched Cloverfield. It was disappointing. It was nothing compared to the Blair witch project. It's like watching a movie for 83 minutes on a roller coaster ride with tons of turns and loops and I almost wanted to puke the sushi. My eyes almost popped out and bled from visual disturbance. The title should have been The Blair Godzilla Project.

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Ann Marie Curling said...

Hey Guys,

Glad you had a nice dinner. Sorry the movie wasn't as good as you wanted.

Thanks so much for allowing me to stay in your home during the time that I was there working for Romney. It really means something to me, and I will not forget it.

Please have Paul email me your address, as I've already forgotten it. I want to send you guys something :)

All the best, and thanks again!

Ann Marie