Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Very crafty

I learned something cool last night and I learned how to make pop up cards. How fun!! I went to church and had a fun Enrichment Night. We learned some pretty basic pop up cards such as simple hearts, lips, heart in a box and also more advanced such as swans, butterfly, stars and many more. If you receive any pop up cards in the future, I made them, YIPEE. You will be able to tell with the crooked lines, cut. It is always fun to learn new things and of course be more creative or CRAFTY.

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Tara said...

That looks so fun! I wish our ward would do something fun like that for enrichment instead of the same old boring humanitarian aid stuff. Good thing we're moving soon. Did I tell you we're moving? Not too far from this house... bigger for cheaper. Gotta love that. Call me when you get a chance and I'll tell you all about it.