Saturday, February 16, 2008


Last night was our "GOODLUCK PARTY" for work. Matt and Kimia were so nice to have the party at their house. Thank you again. We had a BLAST!!
There was tons of yummy food and drinks, Melissa's Sangria was a HIT! I did not have one but everyone said it was really good. Coffee, Persian tea and of course everyone's company. Skip sang for us. Who knew he was a good singer? Then everyone sang the Karaoke
"I will Survive!"
Go figure.

We played pictionary and of course talked, talked,talked and
We missed the rest of the dept.

Matt and Kimia

Yummy food

Westley the new OT Supervisor with Suzette, Janis a PT supervisor with husband Ron


O.T. Dept.
Ailene and husband Patrick-Debbie-Kathy-Joanne-Kimia

P.T. Idol

Debbie and Helen - O.T. supervisor


Karaoke time
Patrick and Westley singing
I'm too Sexy

Lauren-Joanne-Brian (Rehab Director)

PT Idol - Skip

PT and OT " I will survive"

I have worked with these therapists for 4 years.
And I am surely going to miss this family. I enjoy working and talking with them
about work, patients and family.
The Manager and Supervisors were very nice and very flexible
I remember when they interviewed me for this job, I went to the office and they looked at me
and they were surprised, (I was 6 months pregnant at that time)
I was still looking for a job and not preparing for
maternity leave.

I wasn't expecting to stay with the travel from home and school to work.
But the job and people proved to me how much
fun it is to work there.
I am surely going to miss
my friends, the MD's, Nurses,
Case Managers, Social Workers
and of course the
Rehab Dept.

We all know that healthcare is such a small world
maybe someday we will bump into each other again.

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