Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fun in the Islands

Not really "The Islands". It was a fun Luau Baby Shower for Sharon and Anjo at Santa Clarita. Binky was so nice to open her beautiful home for the baby shower. So Last time I saw all the girls together was 2002 BC, that is 2002 BEFORE CHILDREN. I even told Anjo that the last time I saw him was in 1999, when he was at my baptism. YIKES! Those were the days of partying and clubbing. Many Years later. Now that we are married, having kids, and body shapes are changing. It was so fun to see all of them. We laughed, took pictures, believe me all we did was TAKE PICTURES, talk about Paparazzis. Other than taking our pictures, WE were taking Sharon and Anjo's pictures. We also ate and ate and ate. Im sorry If I always put that in my blog, that we love to eat or I love to eat. What can I say, I'm a vacuum cleaner, I eat what I see. You know how they say, "Watch what you eat"..Yeah Literally WATCH.

Anyways, there were fun games, Hedda and I won the first game. The game is we put an egg between our foreheads and we had to dance and we are not supposee to hold the egg, if we hold it or drop it we're out of the game. Hedda and I twisted and danced and won the game. Yipee.

Next game was a "multi task game" Mom will hold the baby, talk on the phone while hanging a bunch of clothes then fill a baby bottle with beer and give it to the dads". In this game Jinky and I were teamed up. And since Jinky drove she did not have a beer, she had Sprite. Anyways, we had the best time of 2:37. Karen and Hedda were partners and finished their sprite faster than Jinky (Karen bit the nipple of the bottle off- stinker) but Hedda had a hard time hanging those clothes and the sock fell. The next team (a couple) beat Jinky and I by 45 secs. It was a lot of fun.

Sharon and Anjo
cutting the Yummy cake
It was Delish.
From Angel Maid Bakery.
Marble-Strawberry Short Cake


Yes...yes...we are missing
Trina,Anna and Toots

Strike a pose Cheska and Binky


The Girls.

We ate, laughed and talked.
What a fun Baby Shower


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