Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Other than the 72 hour kit, I think this is the 2nd most important emergency tip I can think of.

Since 2005, Paul and I have programmed "ICE" in our cellphones. I.C.E - In case of Emergency. Actually I added "Aaa - ICE" so it is on top of my cellphone address book. I have heard of I.C.E - In case of Emergency, 3 years ago from one of the parents at J.T and Jake's preschool who was a firefighter. It was letter that British Paramedic Bob Brotchie promoted in May 2005. Then on July 12, 2005 he was interviewed on BBC Radio after the London Bomb attacks. He stated:

"I was reflecting on some difficult calls I've attended, where people were unable to speak to me through injury or illness and we were unable to find out who they were. I discovered that many people, obviously, carry mobile phones and we were using them to discover who they were. It occurred to me that if we had a uniform approach to searching inside a mobile phone for an emergency contact then that would make it easier for everyone."

You can also get the ICE sticker to show that an individual has established a communication protocol.

My ICE contacts:

AAA-ICE 1- Paul
AAA-ICE 2- John B.

Now, who's your I.C.E?

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