Monday, January 5, 2009

Winter Holiday Wrap up

Picture overload.

Here is the Highlights before

Tale of Desperaux

JT and Jake read the Tale of Desperaux.
Thanks Sadie for letting JT read the book, we
got this book just in time before the movie came out.

Oh Christmas Tree...Oh Christmas tree

Oh nooo!!! not the boys!

The boys were such good boys
and rambunctious,
they are not naughty ( wink..wink)
this year.
We had a blast opening presents.

Thank you so much for the presents, cards
cookies we've received this Holiday.

Christmas Day Breakfast

Paul made some yummy Island Style French Toast
bacon, sausage, Cracker Barrel Hashbrowns
Orange Juice and Mint hot Chocolate.
We invited the Mish over, one of the Elders helped Jake
set up his Dinosaur Skeleton.

We heart
Lawry's and Five Crowns Restaurant
Christmas Day Dinner

We did not go "Lawry's or Five Crowns Restaurant"
We had an inspired 'restaurant' dinner
for Christmas.
Again, Paul made
Lawry's Prime rib roast
Lawry's Creamed Horseradish
Creamed Spinach a la Lawry's
Yorkshire Pudding

click here for the recipes
We get to use my fine China dinnerware
which we ONLY use
during the Holidays
or special occasion.
For dessert
There were too many to choose from:
Creme Brulee
Carmel Wafer with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Snickerdoodle cookies

I do not have energy to cook or
bake anything from scratch.
Thanks to Trader Joe's

Wild Animal Park

We loved Madagascar Movie 2
so we went to Africa
in San Diego
at the Wild Animal Park.
We saw many cool animals.
We saw elephants, giraffes, orangutans
and many more

we even saw these
Rhinos at wild animal park

New Year's Eve

Our friends
Mark, Tara and their girls came to CA
and invited us to watch the
Rose Parade.
Mark and Paul camped out in Pasadena
sans tents.
While Tara and the girls
The boys and I
my brother John and SIL Denise
waited for the 12:00 midnight NEW YORK
and jumped, made noise,
threw pop its
and had sparklers.

Happy New Year

On New Year's Day
we woke up early with
Tara and the girls
The boys and I
Tara drove us to Pasadena
It was crazy!
There were MASSES
of People.
Plus Tara and I love
Gossip Girl and
We were stoked!

Rose Parade Floats

The floats were breathtaking!

Post Rose Parade

Here are Paul and Mark
after the parade
folding the air mattresses
tarps. Thanks to our DH's
for camping out!
Some people
even left their mattress after the parade.
Not only the mattress
their TRASH!

More at the Rose Parade

It was so cool to see a Stealth Bomber!

Baptism at OC

We went to Dana Point to
attend our friends'
Jay and Irene
baptized their Baby
What a cute baby girl!
We even saw Claudia and her boys from taekwondo.
What are the Chances!
The Church
St. Edward Confessor
was picturesque

I also made these Red Velvet Cupcakes
and I put a pink M&M
for Maxine.

Some Highlights...

We were so happy to
listen to Blake's talk
before he left for the MTC.

Our Nephew Ed
came back from his Mission
from Mexico
Welcome Home Ed
we can't wait to see you.

And I get to see my friend
Bonnie, David
and their baby
She is so adorable.

Back to Routine

With all the Hustle and Bustle
Sleeping in
no homeworks
vacation is over
with the New year.......

After 2 weeks of walking with the boot
I am now wearing an ankle brace and able to
use both shoes.
after 2 weeks I went back to work!
After eating those Yummy foods
I can't wait to get back and start running again.

Family Newsletter

and it
is time to wind down
and read Paul's family's
with my Hot Cocoa.

Happy New Year everyone!


Nate and Jilleen said...

Looks like some fun times! Awe-- the newsletter... Gotta love it!!

Jennifer said...

Is this our Bonnie, gulp! Please send me her info so I can get invited to her blog. I am in shock, she has a baby! LOVE That girl!

Joanne said...

Jilleen - yes love the newsletter.
Jenn - yes that's our Bonnie, sent you an email.

Forever Five McCluskeys said...

I am going to the Rose Bowl someday! I LOVE the floats!!! It looks like you had a busy and fun holiday season. How is Paul doing with having his mom gone? It is so hard. The grieving process lasts forever.

Forever Five McCluskeys said...

I meant to say Rose Bowl PARADE! I will go to the Rose BOWL when BYU gets to play there. :-) Sheesh...I need a vacation or something.

Joanne said...

Laura - Yes I totally understood what you meant =. Paul is doin great. reading the Newsletter was hard for me and harder for him of course. He' been reading a lot of books that his Mom loved.