Saturday, September 15, 2007

Full Day event

When was the last time you had a relaxing weekend? Well ever since we had kids it has always been busy at our household. To start off , I ran this morning to Redondo Pier and saw Laura and Colleen from church running too. Then the boys picked me up at the pier and went for a Yummy breakfast at the Pancake House in Redondo Beach.

Then Paul and JT had a soccer game. JT loves to play soccer, it was sooo nice to see him play and also Paul coaching those kids. Jacob enjoyed a nice nap in his stroller while Mommy was cheering and taking pictures.

After the game we went to Paul's open house at work. It was sooo nice to FINALLY see his Office!I FINALLY got to go inside his office. It was sooo FUN they had a puppet show, yummy food, costume contest, jumper, Bingo, a giant slide and many other fun activities.

Then at night my friends came over. Toots who is visiting from San francisco spent a nice weekend at Sharon's. We had a nice get together and lots of laughter. Sofia and Sabine joined us and as usual they are sooo Adorable.

Sharon-Hedda and Sabine-Toots-Jinky-Karen and Sofia
It surely was a Busy day for us, I can't believe I am working tomorrow.

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