Sunday, September 9, 2007

Rose Bowl

After Jacob's Birthday Party we went to watch the BYU-UCLA game. I did not have time to change even my shoes!!Luckily I was wearing blue at the party. BYU did not win sorry for the guys, but I surely had fun. We had nice back seats and it's SHADED. We were at the BYU section of course. There were 8 of us. Mark and Jeff were sitting next to Max Hall's Mom. It was really Fun. She said she's a little nervous and I get to talk to to his sister too. Really nice fam

After the game ended. Paul and I had dinner at Claim Jumper with Jeremy,Natalie and our Chantel and Jody who were visiting from AZ. We surely had a great time and had a good laugh during dinner.

Here are some of the fun pix from the game