Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mid week

We woke up again with smoky air. This is a picture of sunrise from our house.
It's been pretty low census at work and all the therapists have been taking our time which means we're more relaxed and have time to spend chatting.

Anyways, it was so HOT today going to my car, I can't believe it's FALL and this is what it said in my car when I got in. After work I went to Jake's school to give a talk for Career Week. I was 5 minutes late and when I arrived at his pre school I saw the whole pre-school kids waiting patiently for me. It was sooo much fun. I talked about what I do and where I work. I showed pictures of Crutches, Walkers, Wheelchairs. It was a 15 minute talk and at the end I asked them if they have any questions. Here are their questions.
  1. How do you work in a Hospital?
  2. Where do you work?
  3. Do you like to work?
And the other kids were telling cute and funny stories. So fun, I had a great time and Jake was so happy to see Mommy too. Then I got home and started cleaning up and packing. We invited the mish over for dinner. JT decided where we will take them for dinner. We took them to lazy Dog Cafe.

JT and Jake were such good boys, drawing and coloring pictures. JT even wrote a letter to Sadie.

Last night I talked to Suzi and she mentioned about the Tradition Halloween Phantom Ghost, I told her we're ready for that. BUT we never talked about the time so when we got back home from dinner we saw Suzi and her boys walking toward our house. When they noticed we were coming and parking in our driveway they hurriedly ran back to their car. The boys got so excited as they might have noticed Rohan and Tini so they climbed out of the truck and started running to their car, I had to do something or say something so I told them loud enough it was not Rohan and Tini . I did that as a que for them. I told the boys to go back inside the house. They were pretty much bummed walking back in our house.

After a few minutes we heard some pitter patter, and the doorbell rang. The boys huriedly ran to the door with their flashlights. When we opened the door we saw some fresh bakes chocolate cookies and a poem. JT read the poem and he said "Mommy we've been phantomized". Suzi called about 15 minutes later and JT and Jake asked if she was visiting us and if she was the "phantom" totally played dead. It was sooo fun. So watch out for the phantom ghost coming your way.

here's the poem:
Happy Halloween!

'Tis ole' Halloween
And the time is now here,
For Ghosts to gather
And you need have no fear.

This phantom ghost
Means you no harm,
He's just bringing goodies
Fresh baked and warm.

So now it's your turn
To do more of the same.
Just pick two families
And have fun with this game.

Make two copies of this poem
And two ghosts too...
You have to 24 hours to deliver this "BOO"!

Deliver some goodies
To a house with no ghost.
Ring the doorbell and run,
Do not be seen and remember,
Have fun!!

(Don't forget to hang your paper ghost on a door or window so others will know you've already been visited)

We surely enjoyed those Yummy Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Tara said...

I remember making that ghost on my computer! I still use the same one in my ward. I usually start it on the first FHE in Oct. but this month has been so crazy, I forgot about it. I was really surprised to see that we had been "phantomized" and I didn't even start it this year!