Friday, March 14, 2008

Random Week

Yes spring is here. The bright colors, the clothes, the flowers, the slightly warm "spring weather", the rain the wind and yes ahh----ahhh---AHHCHOO!!! Allergies. Oh it is so nice. Tomorrow marks our first day of SPRING CLEANING. Oh yes you heard that right. We are ready to collect our old toys, books and clothes to be put away for charity. It is so fun.

Because this week we are an hour advanced (daylight saving time) I started running in the afternoon to enjoy the sunset. I usually run in the morning and chase the sunrise BUT for some reason, this week has been SO WINDY! As I ran up hill and start feeling my quads, hams, gastrocs and abs fatigue, gasp for more air and because I was running up hill the production of lactate started to build up. This feeling that I felt was like I had a nike parachute on when I was running. It was crazy. But yes I do need to burn more calories so that was crazy and fun!

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