Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Best

Breakfast is our favorite meal of the day. The boys especially. They love "gourmet breakfast" pancakes, waffles, scrambled eggs, french toast, etc..etc... That's why we have a breakfast menu during the week, it helps me squeeze in some cold cereal and oatmeal. And they love to go out on saturday to Pancake House, Y-Not or Mickey D's. And on Sunday's Daddy usually cooks something good. BUT today we woke up at 730 am! and church is at 9:00. Sorry kids NO gourmet breakfast today. We just had quick and yummy cereal and oatmeal for breakfast. And they did not complain. We hurriedly got ready and made it to Church on time! We can't even believe it. Luckily we all had matching shoes and socks. You know how sometimes when you are in a hurry you mismatch either your socks or shirt. WHEW!!!

Anyways, Paul and I had a great time substituting the 9 and 10 yr olds during Sunday School. We make a great team. The absent teachers planned to have a combined class anyway, so it worked out fantastic. During sharing time, it was nice to see the boys in their corresponding classes and see how they behaved with their class.

We got home and added a coin to our "Are we on time yet?" jar. We add coins to the jar if we are on time getting ready for Church, school, activities, parties? or just anything. Once we fill it up we'll cash it in and let the kids buy something or go out for FUN. Yeah, hopefully it's enough money for a nice Theme Park.

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Tara said...

This is a great idea! I think in our house the jar would never see a coin though! In 5 years time, we might have enough to buy one kids a happy meal. Maybe. LOL!!!