Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Party # 2

I went to my previous job's Christmas Party tonight. As always it is so fun to see all of them. We all have moved on and are working in other facilities,hospitals and clinics. It is always fun and crazy whenever we meet together. We also had an exchange gift tonight. I got a Coffee Press (which I do not drink Coffee) and Melissa (Vanilla Candles). Melissa loves drinking Coffee and broke her Coffee Press, so Wes had a brilliant idea =) and we exchanged our gifts!
Here is our exchange gifts =)

The gang

I would say Skip is my mentor in Cardiac P.T

Some of the Men in Rehab

And some of the cool ladies

It was a fun night everyone. Janis, as I've said we will be waiting for your next email for the next Happy Hour. Happy Holidays everyone!

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