Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Barbie's Pumps designed by Louboutin

image: Barbie in Badley Mischka

For Barbie's BIG 5-0 next year. She will be receiving an awesome present which is every girl's dream. Christian Louboutin will be designing her pumps which will debut at the runway show that Mattel, Inc is staging during the 2009 Fall New York fashion week in February.

Fifty as-yet-undisclosed designers will produce Barbie-inspired outfits for the runway, and each of the 50 models will be wearing the pink Louboutins at the show.
Image: Christian Louboutin Time Mag.
“I guess I always had a little ‘girlie side’ who liked Barbie,” Louboutin said. “Barbie needs to wear great shoes because every girl needs to wear great shoes.”

Since I have 2 boys, will I buy a Barbie Doll for me =)

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Tara said...

Wow, I'm jealous of Barbie!