Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Lights

We never really decorate our house with Christmas Lights or any yard decorations. This year, Paul said that Boys are big enough and they are able to help put lights in our front yard and he will put up lights around the roofs. I was stoked! I decided to FINALLY show him these videos.

In the end he said, if this is our house...

  1. Our neighbors MIGHT COMPETE with us.
  2. Our neighbors will move
  3. Our neighbors will go to their Wine Cellars and get drunk all night.
  4. The Police and Firemen will come to our house
  5. It will COST A LOT!!!
  6. NO!


Shelly said...

The competing with the neighbors thing is so true. Since Ryan started doing lights we have about 4 other families in our neighborhood that started putting up a lot of lights. I love it though, the more the merrier. It is way toooooo expensive but the kids love it. Since we haven't gotten any snow yet, we have got to make it feel like Christmas some how.

Joanne said...

I totally love the way you decorated your house! You're awesome.