Friday, December 12, 2008

# 12 True Religion

Premium Denims are lovely. We love or some of us are addicted to Vintage and Premium denims. And they are high-priced. BUT if you search around you could get a nice deal! Yes, the fit is different and the style and the denim itself. So for my "body type, True Religion jeans will not fit my "curvy body or my-freakin-fat ass-and-wide hips." But I could fit like J Brand, Not your Daughter's Jeans and Paige Premium Jeans. But I would love to own a William Rast Jeans. Anyways, if you love True Religion Jeans you could ask Santa for 1, for $99.00. No you don't have to go to the outlets or wait for the Sale prices. Just go to COSTCO!Hurry while supplies last =).

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