Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rose Bowl half and Girl's Night out.. what the ???

Rose Bowl Half Marathon

I ran the Rose Bowl Half Marathon today
13.1 Miles = 21.08 Kilometers.
I ran really well and felt really good
until Mile 8
when I twisted my Left Ankle
Since this is a Trail run
and I trained on a very flat..flat...
as flat as can be surface. My ankles were weak.
I still finished the race. There were Golf
carts asking me if I wanted to ride
and I said I will run and finish the race.
Mile 10, I could not run it anymore,
I ran-walked-ran
I saw the boys
they cheered and ran with me to the
finish line

and greeted me with water and Dots Cupcakes

Anyways, better luck next time.


Suzi, Shauna and I had a fun girls night out.
Around this time of yr. we have our get together
out to dinner and exchange presents.
Except tonight, they took me out to dinner
for my Birthday ( Oct.15)
So nice of you guys, Thank you for
treating me for dinner.
We went to Gaetano's Restaurant and
chowed down on Chicken and Butternut Raviolis and for dessert
Chocolate Molten cake. YUM!!!
I totally deserve those calories after running today.
Then after dinner we went back to Shauna's
and talked...talked...talked...talked
laughed...talked...laughed some more...talked some more
Then we exchanged presents.
We missed you Natalie.
What a fun night! Thank you again for dinner
I love you guys.

What a day. I am totally sleeping in tomorrow.


Bonnie said...

Fun! i want to do that with you next year!

Joanne said...

Bonnie, it was fun, yes we'll do it next yr.