Sunday, December 14, 2008

Work Christmas Party # 2

That is Christmas Party # 2 for me. This time it is my current work Christmas Party. On friday, Annmarie and Greg opened their beautiful home to have the Rehab. dept party. We had Tons.. I mean TONS of yummy food. I was surprised I did not even take pictures. We ate and enjoyed each other's company, with a big Santa statue dancing while we were eating and the White elephant gift exchange. They said this year was Aditi's night. Every present she got was stolen from her. She even got the "saxophone clock" which was the "white elephant for 4 years!!! Anyways, she ended up with a bath set-bath pillow, soap, turban. Here is the picture after the white elephant. I got the Sauna Belt. Can't wait to use it.

We missed a lot of our friends in the dept. who could not make it on friday night. Maybe if we have a happy hour next month or so. Here's the rest of the pictures.

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