Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Utah Style - TRADITION

We just got back from our UT-trip for Thanksgiving. The last time we spent Thanksgiving in UT was in 1999 BC ( Before Children). I know, what were we thinking. Anyways, we had a blast. Here is the Highlight.

On our way to UT.
We visited our friends Mark and Tara and their girls
it was hard to take a picture with the kids and so I took a picture of

Looks familiar?
Uh-huh!! I know...I know.
"The Meadow"

So, I told Paul Thanksgiving is all about "F"...

It is always the FOOD. This is just the Dessert and Punch table.
Eric cooked a deep-fry Turkey and Roast Turkey,stuffing
Mitch - pumpkin cheesecake, Sweet potatoes
Chris - Cranberry Salsa, Veggie tray
Becky - home made rolls, salad, deviled eggs
Brenda- home made rolls and Pumpkin bars, mashed potatoes
Paul - drinks =)

I was full until the next day =)

We played "Keep away"


Becky always hosts a game night before
Thanksgiving. This year she moved it on Friday
night. Thanks Becky.
We played fun games.
Apples 2 Apples

Played Scrabble

The girls and I waved our hairs,
Danielle waxed my eyebrows. Fun Girly stuff

Played Guess who I am

And this is a fun game
You roll the dice if it hits doubles
put on a mitten, and use the knife and fork to unwrap a candy bar
***The candy bar was wrapped 5x so
whoever unwraps it FAST
gets to eat the whole candy bar unless the person next to
you rolls double.

Mother and Daughter Luncheon
As a tradition my MIL and her Daughters and
DIL (daughters in Law) will go out and have
a Luncheon
on friday after Thanksgiving.

The FUN part
This year my nieces Erika and Whitney
were in charge of handing out Christmas Themed
Party favors. And I got this beautiful
Gingerbreadhouse Candle Holder.
I have to think of something fun for next yr.


On our way to UT we visited Mark and Tara
then after Thanksgiving we visited
Curtis and Jenn, Jeff and Nana
Greg and Annalou

Curtis and Jenn

I did not take any pics, these 2 were taken last January.


Silly Faces =)

Of course
I went shopping with my nephew and niece
EJ and Danielle. I woke up at 430 am
that was 330 am CA time!
I got good deals.
I have to it is Black Friday.


And most of all Thanksgiving is all about family. I am so Grateful for my family. My great husband Paul and my 2 wonderful boys. I was so happy to see my family from the Philippines a month ago and be with my in-laws this last weekend.

The three generations.
I love you all.


Carrie said...

Looks like you had a fun (and BUSY) trip! Happy Thanksgiving!

Joanne said...

Thanks, Carrie =)

Tara said...

Fun! What a sweet post -- I loved it!