Saturday, December 20, 2008

Last minute Shopping and Movie


Last minute Shopping
The malls, the parking lot
It was INSANE!
Today is the last weekend before the holiday,
hopefully you aren't feeling the pressures of purchasing looming over your head.
It's always...always in December.
So many fun things to do in just a matter of 3 weeks.
So many deadlines to keep track of.
However, even though I've made my list
and checked it multiple times
There is always the procrastinator in me.
And thanks to my DH (Dear Husband)


After all the Hustle and the Bustle
I took the Boys for some Mommy and boys time
sans Paul.
After all, I needed to spend time with the boys to shop
for their Daddy and also
Buy gifts for each other. AND
gave PAUL his OWN time
to watch the BYU Basketball and Football game
This is the first yr.
we did not go to a Bowl Game. Totally different post
but in passing we were so bummed not to be in LV right now.
ANYWHO, it was also nice to just be here and
wrap up presents for Christmas.
We totally enjoyed BOLT!
not Usain
The Movie Bolt!

I loved it! I totally enjoyed it.
Was a little tear jerker. 3-D Movie
Also it was Funny!
very funny.
Bolt, Mittens and Rhino
the Hamster.
Loved it!!!!
What I relaly love and enjoy about Disney Movies are
the Short Films before the Movie.
And they showed Tokyo Mater.
It is Pixar's first 3D short video.

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