Wednesday, December 17, 2008

# 17 Isle Gota Beach

It has been a crazy weather this week. The "arctic chill" weather is hitting every corner in the country. I talked to Tara yesterday and she told me that she had to buy jackets for the girls because it is snowing in LV. So, with the very unpredictable weather, I wish I was in the Tropical country right now. My brother and SIL are enjoying their Vacay in Maui. For my # 17 fave . I would love to be in Isle Gota. My friend Hedda was just here 2 months ago when she went home to visit her family in the Philippines. IT IS GORGEOUS!!! she said. Well, just lookin at the pictures who would not love to go there RIGHT NOW! This is also where they filmed French Survivor, Kohlanta in spring this year.

It is called Isle Gota or Gota Beach in Caramoan Peninsula.
Next time I go on vacation back home I will totally visit Isle Gota, since Isle Esme is going to be pack and busier with tourists.

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