Monday, December 15, 2008


No, this is not a Louboutin Boot or Sergio Rossi not even a Tory Burch. Anyway, I called in sick today and went to see an M.D for the injury that occurred in Saturday's race. X-ray (to rule out any fractures) revealed anterior talo-fibular ligament tear OR Grade 1 Ankle Sprain. She gave me a walking Boot or short walker. She was almost going to give me Crutches. And I told her I am fine. I think my co-workers and patients will have a lot of sympathy for me with the boot already. Especially the boys. She said to leave the boot on for at least 4 weeks.

Then I asked her, when can I start running again?

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Anonymous said...

sinasabi ko na nga ba eh..mahina na ang ating mga tuhod at kasukasuaan ati!